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MRI produces metal-coated conductive fillers of varying sizes and shapes. Different metals, such as silver, copper and nickel may be used to tailor the performance and cost of the conductive fillers. They can be used to formulate conductive inks and pastes for a variety of applications to lower manufacturing costs while continuing to meet or exceed the performance requirements.

Conductive Fillers – The following conductive fillers are to be used as a silver replacement or as an additive to lower required silver content. Please contact MRI for availability of other metalized materials.

1010            Silver-coated carbon nanofiber (AgCNF) Data Sheet

1020            Silver-coated layered silicate nanoclay (AgLS) Data Sheet

1030            Silver-coated graphite flakes (AgG) Data Sheet

1040            Silver-coated carbon powders (AgC) Data Sheet

1060            Silver-coated silica nanopowders (AgS) Data Sheet

1070            Silver-coated alumina powders (AgAl2O3) Data Sheet

1200            Silver-coated copper powders (AgCu) Data Sheet

1210            Silver-coated copper-metalized carbon nanofiber (AgCuCNF) Data Sheet

1220            Silver-coated copper-metalized layered silicate (AgCuLS) Data Sheet

1230            Silver-coated copper-metalized graphite (AgCuG) Data Sheet

1260            Silver-coated copper-metalized silica (AgCuS) Data Sheet

2010            Copper-coated carbon nanofiber (CuCNF) Data Sheet

2020            Copper-coated layered silicate nanoclay (CuLS) Data Sheet

2030            Copper-coated graphite flakes (CuG) Data Sheet

2060            Copper-coated silica nanopowders (CuS) Data Sheet

3010            Nickel-coated carbon nanofiber (NiCNF) Data Sheet

3020            Nickel-coated layered silicate nanoclay (NiLS) Data Sheet

3030            Nickel-coated graphite flakes (NiG) Data Sheet

3060            Nickel-coated silica nanopowders (NiS) Data Sheet